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Bezt Plase Ev-er

Abandoned and rejected, the walls grew tall
Surrounding and hiding a heart broken and in pieces
Conditioned to believe no worth was in this life
Your truth began to break through the lies
Your Love came like a flood and drew me in
From loneliness in the street, to warmth in Your house
In place of a family characterized by violence and anger
A husband whose gentle Love an earthly example of Yours
Children whose smiles and hugs bring healing each day
Friends whose faithfulness restores the ability to trust

Yet, through it all, the biggest desire remains unfulfilled
To connect to You as the Father who knows my name
The insecurity of a step child seeking the attention of ‘Dad’
Feeling prayers answered only if You have spare time
A yearning so strong, yet a fear so overwhelming
Trying clumsily to get to You but never getting near
Knowing that if Your awesome Presence was realized
Your life giving power would penetrate my soul

At last one day these ears heard You whisper my name
Running into Your arms, my joy now complete
Clinging to Your neck, my head resting upon Your shoulder
Never gonna leave because THIS is the best place ever!


Again-st thu Flo

Everyone around me is walking the other way

Seldom is it crowded in the direction I have chosen

    Some laugh when they walk past me

Others look with mockery and quicken their pace


A stand out in the midst of a growing, bitter crowd

More and more, the focus of their hurt and anger


At times my confidence is much like stone

Other moments find my resolve easily shaken


The knowledge of His sacrifice propels me forward

The weakness of my flesh slows me down


His forgiveness clearing the clutter in my heart

My sin challenging the purifying process


Whatever may come, I will continue on this unpopular path

No matter the obstacles, I will keep walking against the flow


For when I look behind to see who they are following…

No one is there

But when I look ahead at Who I am following…

It is He Who leads me forward


Eaztur SonDae

Here I sit watching everyone worship Your Name

Celebrating Your life, death and resurrection

The flowers are perfect, the banners are hung

The setting is picture perfect… I am not


Though this service isn’t how I would celebrate

I couldn’t even enjoy it if I had my way


With a sin filled night and difficult morning

This heart is separated from that true joy


People smile, sing hymns from long ago

Yet, my only wish is to be alone with You


Instead of shouting with all my thanks

I would cry out from my soul in sorrow


In place of praising You for what You did

I would beg for Your forgiveness and grace


My heart knows that I should be joyful

But my tortured spirit cannot focus


My head hurts from fighting these thoughts

My stomach aches from the utter sadness


As Your children, peace should reign in our home

Yet chaos keeps creeping in and stomping it out


If You had not risen I would sit here hopeless

But You did so I will look to You to heal me


I Love what You did for me and I AM thankful

I Love You and I rest secure that this You know


So, in a true sense of worship, I turn to You

In a real way I celebrate what You did for me


Easter may seem like a glorified egg hunt

But the reality of what You did is overwhelming


No matter what day of the week today is

I may feel lost, but the reality is, I’m not


Because of Your sacrifice on that cross

I will bring my meek sacrifice of praise


I lay my brokeness at the foot of Your throne

In return, You give me wholeness once again


This is the true meaning of this holiday for all

You lived, You died, and You rose again so that we

Are NEVER alone…Thank You!!!!