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Community…where are they now?

My husband and I are getting ‘up there’ in age.  All of our lives we have strived to serve those around us.  We don’t ask much in return because we truly don’t need anything.  However, we  needed to replace our roof and could not afford to have it done by a company who wanted to charge us upwards of $10,000.  So, in order to save a few thousand bucks, we decided to do it on our own.  For months we put feelers out and had quite a lot of people come on board to help us.

As the project date grew closer, a few dropped out because of one reason or another.  Then the week of the project approached and people dropped like flies.  On our first day it was my husband and myself beginning the tear out until his brother stopped by for 2 hours to lend a hand.

On the second day of our project we had a tag team of 3 helping my husband, my son and myself.  I was on the upper roof when, unintentionally, one of the guys caused me to fall to the lower roof, landing solidly on my back and head and sliding down 2/3 of the way before I managed to stop myself from falling off the roof all together.  The breath had been taken out of me and I needed to bow out to recover…another man down on our skeleton of a team!

On day three, we had 4 people working as hard as they could, my husband, my son, and two friends who traveled for an hour to come and help us.  The third guy scheduled to help sent a text at 10:00am…he would not be making it…possibly tomorrow though.

To make things even more fun, the dumpster company rented us a dumpster they didn’t have and are now delivering another one four days into our project.  So all that roof material being ripped off and thrown into a pile on our front yard….yeah, that would be us moving it into the dumpster all week long!!!  Can you say “DISCOURAGING???”

I am not tooting our own horn when I say that we have ‘been there’ for many people.  It’s just who we choose to be and we are more than happy to help anyone in need. But for the last two days, I have struggled with ‘our community’ asking myself, where are they now?  I get it. Lives are busy.  Families are being raised.  Work is being done.  However, we are no different in that our lives are crazy busy but we have done our best to make sure that people come first over busyness.  So the questions begin to swirl through my head:  Is this just us?  Is it wrong to think that anyone will be here for us?  Is ‘community’ a one way street?  Should we re-think how we live our lives and who we decide to help in the future?

As much as the tears have been sneaking out and bitterness has been knocking on the door of my heart, I can’t help but feel that tug from the foundations of my belief system.  This IS who we choose to be no matter if we ever get anything in return. It’s ok to want people to be here for us, but it’s not ok to expect them to be. Sometimes people need, but don’t have the capacity to give back.  We need to continue to just be who we are and allow our hearts to pour into those who will need us again going forward.  As long as we are doing what we do out of a heart of pure Love, we will never regret an ounce of giving.

I didn’t write this blog with some great answer in mind.   I wrote it to work through the emotions that have been flooding over me these last few days (and because I have been benched because of the pain I am in!).  The bottom line is this, I am a passionate, loving person, and sometimes that passion is going to come back to hurt my heart in moments such as this; when it’s my turn to be in need and I don’t feel the Love.  However, I will not allow these moments to define me and will not let bitterness to enter the door of my heart or resentment to affect my life.  For better or for worse, I choose to LOVE.


Reconcilable Differences 

This #postelection fallout is very hard to walk through. So many people are on opposite ends of the spectrum in their emotions, opinions and beliefs.  I have a very diverse world so I am close to many different perspective. I care so much about my family, friends and colleagues and how they are feeling right now.

The question is:  where do I go and what do I do with it? How do I process the complexity of this whole situation?

Last night, while eating dinner, my husband and I were discussing everything and I posed this question to him:  I have my beliefs and I can explain them to you with complete logic; they make sense to me and I am wholly convinced that what I believe is true. But then you take someone who has a different belief system and they can do the same… They have their own logic and they are convinced that what they believe is completely true as well. So how do you work that out?

His answer was unexpected, simple and quite profound. He said “You don’t.” Followed by “you have to accept that you don’t agree and choose to Love each other anyway.”

Two emotions ran through me when I heard his words. The first was one of relief like:  “Oh good, now I don’t have to keep wrestling with this because it’s exhausting!”   But the second emotion was frustration because I WANT to work this out, and I WANT  to make everything OK again, and I WANT people to be at peace again. But what I WANT…well, it is unattainable right now because people need time to sort through their emotions and hurts.  And when all is said and done, we will still have opposite beliefs, but we will still Love each other anyway.

As I was thinking about all of this with God this morning, He reminded me of the time shortly after Jesus died and people were fighting amongst each other.  The story is found in 1 Corinthians 1.   Christians were fighting over whose disciples they were. Some said they were followers of Paul, while others said they were followers of Apollos, and still others Peter.  They had lost focus on who they were really following:

“For it is from God alone that you have your life through Christ Jesus. He showed us God’s plan of salvation; he was the one who made us acceptable to God; he made us pure and holy and gave himself to purchase our salvation.” 1 Corinthians 1:30

Oh, if only we could get back to our foundation! God made every one of us unique intentionally and we need to remember that when we start wandering down that path of “Why can’t everyone just think and be like me?”  lf EVERYONE was just like you or me, this world would be a very boring place!

I will end with this:  We CAN reconcile in spite of our differences in our belief systems.  Our goal cannot be to change anyone, but simply to love everyone UNconditionally because we are stronger together

“But, dear brothers, I beg you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to stop arguing among yourselves. Let there be real harmony so that there won’t be splits in the church. I plead with you to be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.”  1 Corinthians 1:10

Fer God? Or Fer Abraham

I have often heard the story of Abraham, however, I have never just sat down, read it and contemplated it. Today I did. Admittedly, even though it is a good ending, I didn’t understand it. I laid my head down and just told God that I didn’t get it. Then, in His awesome faithfulness, He gave me His perspective on it. It was NOT for God because He already knew the outcome! It was for ABRAHAM! Abraham needed to know that he would truly do anything for God. The test was for him to see that within himself. He grew in faith, in belief and in trust that day. His walk with God became solid in a whole new way!!!  The promise that followed and, the history that fulfilled that promise, is mind-blowing!!!  For some reason, Abraham, in his walk, at that time, needed to go through this test. This was not God sitting on His throne testing Abraham because He was bored. That isn’t the God we serve! It was God seeing that Abraham needed to see something within himself and in His Love and kindness, grew him through this situation!!!

It’s hard to grasp why we go through what we go through sometimes! But I have been learning a lot about the Father heart of God from an incredible teacher, Graham Cooke. He always says “The problem before you is the distraction. What is behind it is the true issue. What does God need to be for you through this situation that He couldn’t be for you without it?” That statement has forever changed by view on the challenges I face in my life! Now, I can look past something and find that God is everything I could ever need through it! Abraham needed to go deeper and God took him there. We need to go deeper and, when God takes us there, go all the way and let Him teach you in that moment.  There is so much more to this walk that we realize!

















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