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Bezt Plase Ev-er

Abandoned and rejected, the walls grew tall
Surrounding and hiding a heart broken and in pieces
Conditioned to believe no worth was in this life
Your truth began to break through the lies
Your Love came like a flood and drew me in
From loneliness in the street, to warmth in Your house
In place of a family characterized by violence and anger
A husband whose gentle Love an earthly example of Yours
Children whose smiles and hugs bring healing each day
Friends whose faithfulness restores the ability to trust

Yet, through it all, the biggest desire remains unfulfilled
To connect to You as the Father who knows my name
The insecurity of a step child seeking the attention of ‘Dad’
Feeling prayers answered only if You have spare time
A yearning so strong, yet a fear so overwhelming
Trying clumsily to get to You but never getting near
Knowing that if Your awesome Presence was realized
Your life giving power would penetrate my soul

At last one day these ears heard You whisper my name
Running into Your arms, my joy now complete
Clinging to Your neck, my head resting upon Your shoulder
Never gonna leave because THIS is the best place ever!