Krizteenz Kauz

I am a dedicated Christian who wants to change the modern day thinking that Christians are dry, boring, and narrow-minded.  Jesus was not a boring guy and He certainly does not expect us to be.  Jesus is for everyone and I want everyone to know that all Christians are not high and mighty.  I am a mother of four kids and I am STILL a fun person!!!  I live for Jesus but I make plenty of mistakes.  I have a lot of opinions but I never assume that just because I think it that it means I am right…it’s just my opinion.  I give everything I have to give and will never regret it.  I may hurt you, but trust me it was not intentional.  My heart is in the right place, I just may not always do or say the right things. I Love to get crazy and have a ton of fun, it doesn’t mean I am immature, it just means I like to take a break from the serious stuff!  I may be forty, but I will act the age I am on the inside, and that can be anywhere from 17 to 39!!  I am open and honest and will speak as much truth as I can!!  I LOVE JESUS and He is the best friend I have ever had, or will ever have!!!


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