I am a #Trump Supporter…

I know…that is the least #popular thing to say during this #volatile time after the #election2016 upset. However, I live in a #country that says I have the right to express my beliefs, even if its not the prevailing one. The problem is, the “freedom” in “freedom of speech” is not  always the case. Even writing that title I felt a bit nervous!  Why?  Because its not the popular thing and, many who have been vocal about liking Trump have been #ridiculed, #hated, #targeted, deleted from #twitter  and unfriended on #Facebook. So, in reality, free speech only applies safely if you agree with the mainstream.  

I will be honest and say that I did not vote for #Obama.  It wasn’t because he was African American; it wasnt because I didn’t like him; it wasn’t even because he was a #democrat.   It was simply that I did not agree with his policies.  When he won the election, sure I was disappointed and bummed out, but I accepted   that he went through the political process that all presidents go through, he won fair and square, and it was now my duty to pray for and support him.  

#DonaldTrump just went through that same process and he won #fairandsquare.  But now he and his family are being #protested against, #slandered, #hated, and #threatened.  No matter what your #political beliefs are, no one should be responding this way!  The sad part is,  it seems like no one in our nations leadership are taking the time to stand up for him and back him up. 

Honestly, if people had reacted this way when Obama was #elected, they would have been called #racists, #bigots, and #guntoting #haters.  In Trumps case, the #protesters are pretty much being given permission to act out under the guise of #freedomofspeech.  And it’s true, they have the right to express themselves. I just wish it was in a peaceful way that didn’t   degrade our #presidentelect and his family.  But its safe to do it the harsh way because its popular. 

I don’t completely agree with the way Trump acted during the election process and, to be really honest, the way he said some things made it hard to defend him.  But, ultimately, I made the #choice to #vote for him based on his policies, not his personality.

I also did not agree with the way #Hillary acted and or some of her key policies.   However, had #Clinton been elected, I would have set my #differences aside and prayed and supported her as my #president without question. 

Donald and #Melania are not just #politicalfigures, they are people.  They are doing what they #believe is right and, in a #Country where we have the #freedom to chase our #dreams, they should be treated with #respect.  No one is required to like them, but they shouldn’t be treated as terribly as they have been this last week.  

The bottom line here is simple.  If you voted for Trump, be #humble in your #gratefulness and continue to support him and his #family however you can.  If you did not vote for him, #accept that he legitimately went through the political process and try to get behind him as your new president. This #division isn’t doing anyone any good and it isn’t worth deepening the divide in our #nation. 

I will end this #blog by acknowledging that people are going to #Love or #hate everything I have said. However, before you #choose to #lash out at me, remember, it may not be the popular thing to say, but I am excercising my right to freedom of speech.  It’s ok if you don’t agree with me, but please don’t #attack me simply because I don’t agree witn you. 

#God #Bless #America


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