Ur Wake

I was hanging out with #God this morning when this ship passed by. As its wake hit me, He reminded me that, throughout life, we all leave a “wake” that will affect everyone we come into contact with. Whether it’s positive or negative, happy, or sad, joyful or angry, we decide how we will affect people. Will we give them ourselves and leave them crashing over our choppy wake? Or will we give them #Jesus and let them enjoy the smooth waves of His “wake”.Anytime I walk away from someone, my spirit automatically knows if I had an interaction with someone whose life Jesus is flowing through or not. And this isn’t to say it’s limited to outside the church. In fact, I’ve met meaner people in church more often than I’ve met them out of church. Anyone who thinks that if they go to Church they will meet only great people, well, they probably haven’t BEEN to church. It would be fantastic if most “Christ”ians actually reflected “Christ” in their words and actions but, unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. I have higher expectations for myself because I consider myself a Christ follower. I do NOT have a religion or call myself religious. I hold a firm belief that Jesus came to save me, I accepted that salvation, and have watched Him literally change my life. With the understanding that I can never be perfect, I choose not to strive for perfection, but to strive to be perfected. 

In regards to my personal “wake”, It’s not a decision we should leave unattended until each moment arrives; it’s a decision we have to make while sitting at His feet so that He can flow through our lives without hindrance.  Consider how much time you spend with Him and if it is enough to change the effect of your daily wake on those around you.  

. #Godisawesome #Love #Godmoments


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