A BURN-ing Faith


This is my hand. I know, it’s weird that I’m posting a picture of my palm, however, the story is extraordinary! We live in an age where God’s existence is questioned quite often. I, personally, don’t question it because He has done more in my life than I could possibly recount! Today is just another thing He has done to show that He is personally involved in my life and deserves all my #praise and #worship!
Yesterday morning I pulled a plate of #bacon out of a microwave that was situated above me. Because of my height challenged status, I didn’t realize I had the plate at an angle. As I went to bring the plate down, the angle caused all of the grease to pour onto my hand! I knew instantly this was not a good situation! Long story short, I ended up at Urgent Care with 2nd degree burns on my palm and fingers, along with intense pain!

I was told this intense pain would last for the next few days and would need treatment for the next few weeks. That was man’s plan, not God’s. 
And I was driving to the urgent care, I looked at my hand and told God ” I know that You can totally heal this burn, but I’m not sure if my faith is good enough to believe that You WILL…But I pray that You would give me the faith to get there one day”. This was not me doubting God’s ability or desire to heal me, it was me doubting my worthiness to be healed, to be perfectly honest. The cool thing about #God, is that He saw my heart and He chose to answer my doubts by answering me with the assurance of His #Love. 
Today, I went to the burn clinic and there were 3 large blisters on the palm of my hand that I was told would need to be burst open, and the extra skin cut off, in order for my palm to be healed properly. That was man’s plan, not God’s. 
As the day went by, I literally watched as the blisters slowly disappeared and are all but gone now… less than 30 hours after the initial burn. And to make this story even more amazing, I haven’t had pain since they wrapped it at the urgent care 3 hours after the initial burn. 
God is alive! He is active on this earth and is personally involved in our lives! He loves us, He cares about us, and He heals us! I LOVE the God I serve and that we can all have a personal relationship with Him! He made my day…AGAIN!! I am #blessed and #thankful!!!


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