UGH-ly Table

When I first saw this table at #Goodwill, I walked right by it and thought “ugh, what huge monstrosity, who would ever buy that?” Kurt Ouwenga met me about 20 minutes later and, as we headed to the register, he stopped and started examining the table closely. I was annoyed because I don’t like shopping and he was wasting time on an eyesore. He started talking about how quality this table was and”can you believe it’s only$70??” I actually thought that was too much!!  

The bottom line is, he convinced me that we should buy it because it would be beautiful in our kitchen. As an artist, I knew that he was seeing something I could not and I trusted his vision for it. 
We, as people, can end up in pretty shabby shape, but God always sees who He truly made us to be. We overlook people because they don’t “have it together” or aren’t wearing the right thing, or don’t talk the way they”should”. All the while, #God just wants us to #Love them so they can be transformed into their created #purpose. 

The #transformation of this table is a beautiful parallel into how God sees us!!! We should never overlook anyone. Broken people often just need someone to come alongside them and #believe in them, #Love them, #inspire them and instill a fresh new #hope that they are #valued. 

For me, this table will always serve as a physical representation that I should see everyone through the eyes of God because they will appear much different than what’s before me. I will see the beauty in them that God has seen all along!! Thank you, Kurt, for seeing what I couldn’t!!!
#Godisawesome #heavenlyview #Lovepeople #lessonlearned


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