Psalm 139:4

“Before a word (speech, what is said) is on my tongue you know (recognize, understand) it completely, O Lord.”

There is nothing harder to control than our tongue, especially when our #emotions are raging inside of us. I know when I am angry or hurt, I have to work hard not to let my words pour uncontrollably out of my mouth. Unfortunately, I am not always successful. 
Thankfully, I serve a gracious #God Who is ever patient with me! He is constantly teaching me to “respond” to situations as opposed to “reacting” to them. 
Colosians 4:6 says ““Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
What we say directly reflects what is in our hearts. If we truly want to represent Who Christ is in us, we need to reign in these tongues of ours :))). Not an easy task for sure, but it is a necessary one!
Our words should bless, encourage, refresh, build up, and breathe life into those around us. Reflect #Christ’s #Love through your words today!!!
#Godisawesome #wisewords #ChristsLove 

#words #hawknelson


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