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Even When It Hurts

‘”When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. ‘Psalm 94:18-19
I Love the promises attached this verse. #God knew we would have times where we would fall and times when we would be anxious. Instead of leaving us on your own to figure it out, He has provided exactly what we need to grow through these times. He answers us by pouring His great #Love and #joy upon us! He is all that we need when we need it! No matter how down you feel, turn to Him because He longs to be there for you!
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Even When It Hurts



Psalm 139:4

“Before a word (speech, what is said) is on my tongue you know (recognize, understand) it completely, O Lord.”

There is nothing harder to control than our tongue, especially when our #emotions are raging inside of us. I know when I am angry or hurt, I have to work hard not to let my words pour uncontrollably out of my mouth. Unfortunately, I am not always successful. 
Thankfully, I serve a gracious #God Who is ever patient with me! He is constantly teaching me to “respond” to situations as opposed to “reacting” to them. 
Colosians 4:6 says ““Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
What we say directly reflects what is in our hearts. If we truly want to represent Who Christ is in us, we need to reign in these tongues of ours :))). Not an easy task for sure, but it is a necessary one!
Our words should bless, encourage, refresh, build up, and breathe life into those around us. Reflect #Christ’s #Love through your words today!!!
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Psalm 139:3

Psalm 139:3″You discern (measure off) my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with (to be in the habit, to get along well with) all my ways (path, route, road, journey, conduct, way of life).”
Gods #Love is all encompassing when it comes to us. It’s not like He pays attention to only certain parts of our lives. No, He is familiar with ALL the areas of the world we have created around ourselves. 

We tend to “compartmentalize” Gods involvement in our lives and that is why we as Christians can be confusing to someone observing our lives. At times, we seem righteous as we staunchly hold to a high standard of living in a certain area. Then, other times when compromise seems acceptable and we act according to our flesh. Compromise in any area is a clear indication that we are not fully aware of how much God is present in our lives. If we were, we would never do some of the things we do. 

Ask yourself this:  

If #God was physically standing right next to me, would He approve of how how I am acting? How I am treating someone? How I am driving? What I am thinking? What I am saying about others? The habits I have?  

I know, it’s an incredibly high standard to live according to! However, our call is to walk in the footsteps of #Jesus and He walked with the highest of standards (and He did it with such #grace!). We can only be like Him if we are staying close to Him and relying on Him to lead us, guide us, teach us, and flow through us! He is calling us closer…answer that call and draw near to Him all day, every day!

“We should not strive to be perfect, but to be perfected.” Unknown

Draw Near –
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