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Myyyy Burthday

You know, I am not a huge FB person and don’t get on much. However, its unavoidable when it comes to Bdays because of the wishes that come along with it. As I was scrolling through, God really began to whisper to my soul and I just had to share it.
He brought me back to a moment in life when, at 15 years old, homeless and alone, I was ready to give up on life. I had the plan, I had the courage, and I had the will. But, when the moment came, “something” wouldn’t let me. I now know that was Holy Spirit, Who knew me, even though I didn’t know Him yet. Within a week, God had revealed Himself to me and the long journey of being convinced of His Love began. Now, my life is in direct contrast to those dark days. I have an amazing relationship with Him, I’m married to my best friend of 25 years, I have 4 beautiful children plus 2 spiritually adopted daughters, many spiritual children, countless friends, and a ministry that #God continues to widen.  
If you are at your lowest, don’t count yourself out! God hasn’t. In fact, He is fully aware of who you are and where you are at. His ONLY desire is for you to look to Him and allow Him to pull you close to Him and out of your darkness! He is #REAL, He is #faithful, He is capable, He is Willing and He has nothing but #Love for you!! When we give Him our heart and hold nothing back, He will come in like a flood and transform you in ways you can’t even imagine! God IS truly LOVE!
Thank you for all of the bday wishes and encouragements…I consider myself blessed and am humbled by the Love I have received over the last few days! God has been nothing but #gracious to me!!!
#Godisawesome #dontgiveup #thankful #blessed