Fer God? Or Fer Abraham

I have often heard the story of Abraham, however, I have never just sat down, read it and contemplated it. Today I did. Admittedly, even though it is a good ending, I didn’t understand it. I laid my head down and just told God that I didn’t get it. Then, in His awesome faithfulness, He gave me His perspective on it. It was NOT for God because He already knew the outcome! It was for ABRAHAM! Abraham needed to know that he would truly do anything for God. The test was for him to see that within himself. He grew in faith, in belief and in trust that day. His walk with God became solid in a whole new way!!!  The promise that followed and, the history that fulfilled that promise, is mind-blowing!!!  For some reason, Abraham, in his walk, at that time, needed to go through this test. This was not God sitting on His throne testing Abraham because He was bored. That isn’t the God we serve! It was God seeing that Abraham needed to see something within himself and in His Love and kindness, grew him through this situation!!!

It’s hard to grasp why we go through what we go through sometimes! But I have been learning a lot about the Father heart of God from an incredible teacher, Graham Cooke. He always says “The problem before you is the distraction. What is behind it is the true issue. What does God need to be for you through this situation that He couldn’t be for you without it?” That statement has forever changed by view on the challenges I face in my life! Now, I can look past something and find that God is everything I could ever need through it! Abraham needed to go deeper and God took him there. We need to go deeper and, when God takes us there, go all the way and let Him teach you in that moment.  There is so much more to this walk that we realize!


















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  1. C.J. Penn Said:

    Thank you so much for giving this to me to think about.

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