It’z All About … Him

There are so many debates about so many issues out there and many will take scriptures and make them fit what they believe in order to convince others. This is where we lose #focus!!!  We all need to study the Love and character of #Jesus!  What did Jesus say? How did Jesus live? How did Jesus #Love?  If HE says something is wrong…it’s wrong. If HE says something is right…it’s right. If HE says something is a certain way…it is. If HE says to Love unconditionally…Love unconditionally. He never said or did anything contrary to the way He talked or walked. He was clear, concise, without excuse and concerned only with the things that pleased our Father #God!!  He is our ultimate example and we should not allow ourselves to deviate from Him. The enemy would Love to continually distract us but if we just stay focused on Jesus, we will walk in the victory that is ours!!!  His Love and Will are all we need!!!  Stay close, listen hard and pursue His likeness!!!  #ItsallaboutHim #noexcuses #JesusFocus


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