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Fayth Fayce-off

So lot’s of things have been happening over the last few months and I have been super busy. Now that things have slowed down, I have time to think and that is doing me no favors today. My job is not, to be kind, an ideal place to be. I came on, initially, to help a friend, but it has turned into a VERY difficult place to walk into every day. My struggle is that because it is where I spend most of my time, it stinks. As for my friend, well, I feel like I am slowly losing that friendship with him, who also happens to be my boss, because I have lost so much respect for him as a business person. His lack of leadership has caused his entire team to crumble. He once had the full support from one other employee and myself, but unfortunately, even that is fading into oblivion. I feel terrible because I don’t take friendships lightly. They mean so much to me. Unfortunately, I can only do my best to hang on to this one but am not so sure I will be successful at it.

This is where I am facing my faith. I know I am not going to be here long-term, at least I hope not. So, while I am here, can I do it with a hopeful heart and a smile on my face that comes from a surety that my God has better plans for me? Can I really wait patiently when I FEEL so impatient. I almost feel like a caged lion…restless. I want to trust, I want to have faith, I want to believe I can do it. So now I have to make an intention choice on what I am going to do. Today, my choice is to do it God’s way, that’s the easy part. The challenge is overcoming the strong emotions that surge from my soul. If I can do that, then my faith will be legit and I will grow in character and integrity. Here’s prayin’!!!!