For No One

The blogs I will be writing from here on in are for no one.  Not really.  If anyone happens to stumble upon them and it somehow touches them, then that will be a bonus.  Really, I just need somewhere to place these thousands of thoughts that race through the maze inside my head and my heart.  Everyday I struggle with things that I honestly think would blow peoples minds.  Those who know me would NEVER guess the things I struggle with.  Some things are good, some are awful, some are great, some are downright sad. But who can I talk to about these things?  No one.  Well….almost.  God.  God is The One I talk to incessantly.  But I end up keeping the things I wish I could leave at His throne.  I muddle through this maze with the same thoughts over and over and over.  So, I figured, why not find a place to put them so that I don’t have to keep them in my head.  Thus, this blog.  If you are a lighthearted person and don’t like to look into things very deeply, then these blogs are NOT for you.  Feel free to find more interesting surface topics that please you and know that I am in awe and envy of you and wish I was more like you :).  If you are a deep thinker, go ahead and read but I’m sure I will carry you in many directions you won’t want to go in.  Feel free to move on without offense.  That rules out about 99% of you :)…so as I stated in the beginning, this blog is pretty much for no one.  Just for me to get things out of my head and somewhere else.  Thank you for at least reading THIS one single blog and even if I saw you in cyberspace, I wouldn’t know it so chow baby and see you on the flip side!!!


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