Jezuz wuz Kool

 I was having an intense conversation with my daughter yesterday and it ended up bring pretty revealing for both of us….in a mad cool way of course.

She is currently in a real struggle with her faith.  She has grown u in a Christian home and the Bible is very familiar to her.  But now she is at a crossroads with her beliefs.  All of her life she has walked as a Christian because ‘we’ have, her beliefs have been ‘our’ beliefs and her faith has been modeled after ‘our’ faith.

She is 16 now and is exploring new things and is re-evaluating the old.  She no longer wants to be a Christian just because she has always been one.  She wants to be a Christian because she has experienced Jesus on her own.  She wants to have faith because she has seen it in action in ‘her’ life.  She wants to believe in the Bible because ‘she’ believes in it, not us.

One thing that came up, and this is quite a common occurrence in many of the youth I work with, is that Christianity is boring.  She feels like she has read the Bible but has not lived it.  She feels like she has seen prayers answered, but not ‘her’ prayers.  She wants to find the excitement in living for Christ.  She wants to know Jesus on a very personal level.

As I was talking to  her, I was doing my best to try and pull from my own experiences in order to explain how real He truly is.  The problem was that, once again, these are MY experiences.  I was stumped as to finding an explanation for Jesus. Then it occurred to me;  I can’t!!!  Not in whole anyway!!!  I can give someone a glimpse of what I have experienced, but I can’t put into words how I felt, or how I grew, or how amazing it truly was!  I really wish I could and I am praying about how I can. 

 Another thing hit me as well, JESUS was NOT a boring guy!!!!  I mean, come on, would thousands of people have followed Him around listening to every word He said if He was boring?!!!  NO WAY DUDE!!!   He had droves of people fighting to get close to Him just to see Him, and hear Him, and touch Him.  Those are NOT the signs of a boring man!!!

To the contrary, I believe He was an incredibly charismatic man who attracted people from every area that He walked through.  In todays words:  He was mad cool!!!  In fact the priests were so jealous that they were searching for ways to cut Him down and prove Him wrong.  Think about it, people are not just jealous of anyone.  There are reasons we are jealous of others.  There was an obvious attraction His person that it created a sort of competition for the local priests and they were none to happy about that!  There had to be something incredible that we are missing because of the fact that we are reading about Him and not seeing Him in the flesh.  I would LOVE to know what it was that drew so many people to Him and caused priests to be so jealous that they would resort to tricks in order to bring Him down.

This is my struggle now:  How do we reach these young kids who are making choices every day to walk away from the faith and show them that attractive, magnetic, amazing Jesus of the Bible?  How do we convey to them that Jesus was NOT boring?   I wish I knew but for now, I am praying that in all of God’s wisdom, He would show us how to start communicating the TRUE Jesus to the people of today, both young and old.  The real Jesus, the fun, charismatic, attractive, Jesus.  The COOL Jesus!


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