Deestroid from thu Inzide

Here is an excerpt from one of Pastor Greg Laurie’s daily devitionals:

“In his excellent book on the history of Rome, Caesar, and Christ, historian Will Durant observed, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within.  The essential cause of Rome’s decline lay in her people and her morals.”

As the Roman Empire rose to greatness, it no doubt assumed that its power would last for centuries to come.  But even while its citizens were living in prosperity, the empire was crumbling from the inside.  You will find this true of any civilization that has ultimately collapsed or has been overcome by a foreign power.  It first fell apart on the inside.  The landscape of history is strewn with the remains of once-great nations that let moral decay from within bring them to ruin.”

 I feel that the same can happen in American homes today as we undergo moral decay on the inside.  I also believe

The only answer to this problem is spiritual.  And the only solution to the problem is that families turn back to God.  We need to pick up the Bible, which holds all the instructions and truths we need, and put the value back into God’s words that it deserves the respect of.

Fathers and Mothers, don’t exasperate your children.  The Bible is specific about this and I believe the reason is because we are supposed to preserve our relationship with our children in order to maintain a healthy and mutual respect as they rise up into adulthood.

Speaking of mutual, children, obey your mother and father.  God knew you wouldn’t know everything when you got here and so He put those 2 amazing people in charge of you to lead you, to guide you, and to pass on wisdom to you.  They are NOT trying to control your life, they are trying to bring quality to your life.  You don’t listen to them because they are ‘in control’; you listen because you trust that they know what is best for you.  You don’t disrespect them because you don’t like what they are saying; you respect them because they are in the place God put them.  You don’t treat them with dishonor; you honor them because they are your parents who have given their own desires up and now spend each and every day providing the living that you currently have. Remember, proms are NOT cheap!!!

Love each other with unconditional Love.  Believe the best in one another.  Care for each other.

Think about it this way.  If a thief came in  from the outside and broke into your home, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to defend your family?  To make sure noone got hurt?  Now look at yourself.  You are on the “inside”.  Are you doing everything to protect your family?  To make sure no one is getting hurt?  If not, why stop the thief?  He is just helping you to destroy your home…he is taking care of it from the outside, and you are taking care of destroying it on the inside.

Most importantly, stop treating strangers and friends with Love and kindness if you haven’t taken the time to give that Love and kindness to your family first. It’s like going shopping for a lot of clothes for your family but on the way home, you run into a few friends and hand them a few of the clothes.  Then you run into some acquaintances and you give them some of the clothes.  Then you run into a favorite teacher and you hand them some clothes.  Then you run into your church friends and you give them a lot of extra clothes. By the time you get home, you only have 1 pair of pants left and, of course, those are for YOU.  So what does your family get?  Nothing.  It was all given away before you ever got home.

No worries, they may feel neglected and hurt, but they will still Love you but the same can be said for Love and kindness.  You give it out all along the way throughout your day when, in reality, the bulk of it SHOULD have been saved or given to your family first.  They are the ones who are there for you every day and always will be! Stop destroying your home from the inside and start protecting it as if your life depended on it and as if God is going to confront you about it one day!!!!


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