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This onz 4 u Gurlz

Okay girls, this one is for you.  I know you all know I Love you because you confide in me a lot.  I appreciate your trust and as part of my commitment to you I would like to bring your attention to a huge thing I see that is missing in a lot of your lives…Self Respect!!!

You are an amazing person and you have so much to offer.  And yet, when it comes to boys, you don’t demand their respect!!  I kept asking myself, “Why?  Why is it that they put up with the crap these boys keep sending their way?”  Then I realized that it came down to the issue of having self respect.

The bottom line is, you can’t do this alone girls!  You need to be as close to God as you can be because He will be the one who will speak to your heart when no one else is around.

When that guy wants to go further than you should go, it will be God who will remind you that this is NOT what you want.  When that same guy is talking down to you, it will be God who will give you the words to stand up for yourself.  When that guy is lying to you, it will be God who will reveal the truth to you.

So many of you ask, “How do I hear God?”.  Well, this is it girls:  Stay close, pray all time, read His instructions, seek out His wisdom, and when the time comes,  you will hear His voice directing you in the way you should go.

Sometimes this can get tiring but here is one of my all time favorite verses:“DO NOT GROW WEARY IN DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, FOR IN DUE TIME YOU WILL REAP A HARVEST.”Girls, you can benefit from His harvest every day if you keep your heart and your focus on Him.  But if you live for the temporary emotional “highs” that boys give, you won’t find fulfillment and that empty feeling won’t go away. God, however, will fill you up with the true joy that comes with serving Him. Remember, God is a respecter of persons.  That means YOU.

God respects YOU.

I respect YOU.

And YOU need to respect YOU.

Then, everyone else will follow!  And if they don’t, then they will be left behind because YOU will be moving forward!!He Loves you!!!!!!!!!!!And so do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!