Wut Kinna Frend r U

1.  When you first start to get to know someone, do you give them a ‘blank slate’ to show you who they are?  Or have you already started figuring out in your mind who they are before you even get into a friendship?

2.  When someone says something about that person, do you give them a chance to disprove, or prove it?  Or do you take it as a “fact”?

3.  When you get into a disagreement with them for the first time, do you respect them because they stand for what they believe in?  Or do you get angry with them for being so “difficult”?

4.  When they are dressed and look amazing, do you feel proud to have that friend stand next to you?  Or are you jealous because they look better than you?

5.  When a guy you like starts showing interest in her instead of you, do you realize you are just hurt and try to accept it?  Or do you get angry and blame your friend for it?

6.  When you get into another fight, do you realize immediately start to think about how you are going to work this out with your friend?  Or do you start wondering if this friendship is ‘ever going to work out?’

7.  Once you’ve gotten to know a friend better and someone starts to talk about them negatively, do you stand up for them?  Or do you start agreeing with them and end up talking bad about your friend behind their back?

8. When something happens that hurts your feelings, do you talk to your friend in order to work it out and give them a chance to realize what they did?  Or do you hold it against them for later use in a fight?

9.  When you have a friend who considers you their ‘best friend’, but you know they are not yours, do you let them know that you Love them but you have others in your life?  Or do you keep them on a string and keep them ‘thinking’ they are your best friend too?

10.  When you have a friend that can drive but you are getting mad at them a lot, do you put the risk above the ride and talk about it, knowing it could blow up?  Or do you pretend all is ok because the car thing is ‘nice’ to have?

11.  When her ex-boyfriend, or someone your friend used to like ALOT, starts to show interest in you, and you really like him, do you ignore the feelings and let him know you are not interested?  Or do you ‘go for it’ because it’s nice to have a guy interested in you.

Answers these questions with gut-wrenching honesty, and you will know by the end of question 11 what kind of friend YOU are.


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