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Dew U Bulleeve oar dont U?!!

Okay, so I wrote my last blog last night and finished it up this morning and an ironically interesting thing happened when I got to work.  MY FAITH WAS IMMEDIATELY CHALLENGED AND IT WAS IN MY FACE!!!!

We have had a slow number of months at our woodworking shop where my husband makes anything from custom furniture pieces to laminate tables, counters and cabinets.  Although business, through tons of prayer (!) is once again picking up, the bills have steadily been building up both here and at home.  Sometimes I get down but I eventually turn it back over to God and choose to let Him handle it.

Well, today was one of those days when the stack of bills got a little higher and the money was not there have to say I did pretty well sticking to my ‘faith’ even as I walked down to check the mail.  Much to my pleasant surprise, there was one check!  So I saunter back to my desk with a big faith filled smile on my face and open up the books.  I think, okay we only need a little over $5000 to catch up on both accounts…God can do that!  So I open up the check and low and behold….there is a check for $62.00. No, that is NOT a misprint…it was for a mere $62.00!  I suddenly felt like I had been punched in the stomach!!! Ouch!!!


I have to admit that at this point, the cracks in my weak foundation widened and I walked over to God’s throne (hypothetically of course), picked up all my bills, which had worry, fear and stress attached to them, slung them on my shoulders, walked back to my desk…and cried.  Darn it all!!  I thought I was stronger than this!!!!

As God would have it, my sweet husband walked in at that very moment when I lost it.  At first he tried to talk to me and be rational but I put a stop to that when I told him that he needed to stop talking to me and pray.  Being the amazingly faithful guy that he is, he did. 

With a deep passion, he prayed for God to reveal Himself and that I would be able to give it all back to Him and trust Him in the middle of a situation that seemed like there wass no way out of.  As he prayed, my heart and my resolve melted.  I then prayed and asked God to forgive me for my lack of faith, to help me to give Him all the bills, all my concerns, and to be able to trust Him on a deeper level.


Afterwards my husband said the most profound thing to me.  He said, “You have to make a choice, do you believe?  Or don’t you?”  Then he brought up those 3 guys with the weird names, Shaderack, Meshack and Abednego, (I won’t even attempt the correct spelling on those!) and the incredible proclaimation they made as they were being thrown into the fire:

“If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king.  But even if He does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” Daniel 3:17, 18

Okay!!  I want THAT kind of faith!!!!  Of course, God met me in my weakness and filled me with His strength and now I can honestly say that I believe He will deliver us and provide for us in our time of need.


The bottom line is this:  In a matter of 20 minutes, I had faith, I ran out of faith, I turned to God (with my hubby’s help!), God listened, He gave me more faith, and now I am at peace!  My circumstances did NOT change, but my focus did!


THIS is why I Love my God and will walk with Him, and serve Him, and live for Him  the best way that I can.  Because in all my weaknesses and failures, He is right next to me picking me up, dusting me off, and leading me forward….Wow Weesers and Praise Jesus!!!


Fakt or Feeleeng

So I have a very strong and deep faith in Jesus.  I believe that He lived, He died, and He rose again.  I believe that we can live every day according to His will.  I Love Him with all of my heart and my life has been changed dramatically because of HIM.

I wish that I could keep my head and my heart focused on that fact because on days like this one, I am challenged to literally “walk in Faith”.

I came to my prayer time this morning and felt very discouraged from a tough weekend.  This is one of those times when the rubber met the road as far as ‘having’  faith, and ‘walking’ in faith.  I turned on my favorite song that has always drawn me closer to the Lord.  Today…it didn’t even penetrate my heart.  I tried so hard to “break through” the left over feelings of dealing with a challenging situation over the Easter weekend.

Speaking of Easter, even as I sat in Easter service yesterday, I was about as far on the outside as I could get.  Not intentionally, that is just the effect of dealing with intense situations or people, they take almost everything out of you.  If not for Jesus’ presence, there would have been nothing left of this girl. This is one of those “snapshots” in life that I can always look back on and remember the benefit of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

As I was driving down the road, a very disturbing thought occurred to me:  I don’t feel like God’s blessing is on me.  I feel empty and alone and I don’t even know how I’m going to get through this day.

You know, that thought was so strong that if I had not been very firm in my beliefs, I might very well have given into it that kind of thinking.  Fortunately, I do have a strong relationship, in spite of myself, with God.   The very next thought that ran through my mind was:  You may not “feel” God, but it doesn’t change the “fact” that He is still here.  I can’t even describe the sudden sense of peace that came over me at that point.  I may feel utterly frustrated, angry, hurt, and hopeless, but it doesn’t change God’s presence or Love.  He isn’t like our emotions, which can take us from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows.  He is called our “Rock” for a reason, He IS ALWAYS PRESENT!!!

So here’s the coolest part of my day.  I started out feeling angry with my daughter, frustrated with my husband, upset with myself for not always handling things right, and wondering how I was going to accomplish anything today as there was zero motivation in my soul.   I met with a friend, talked, prayed, came home and prayed more (all without ever having a breakthrough in my ‘feelings’), went to work (I happen to work with my husband 🙂 ), and just kept moving.  Now, my husband knows we are coming off a very stressful weekend and the tension is unusually strong between us.  He decides that we need to pray, then he closes up shop for lunch (which he has NEVER done before), takes me out to lunch and we just sit and talk about EVERYTHING.  By the time we left that restaurant, I felt closer to God than ever, my relationship with my husband was restored, God had helped me to forgive the person I was having issues with, put into place a realistic plan for dealing with that situation, and on top of it all, He gave me more peace, hope and joy than I could have ever mustered up on my own!!!  Now THAT is the power of walking in the facts of faith, not on the fragility of feelings!!!

So what did I learn from this?  That no matter how low, or how empty I felt, I turned to God anyway and He was able to do the work in me that He needed to.  I freed Him up to work in me when I chose to trust Him and turn to Him even when my feelings were in direct opposition.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea about me…I am not always THIS strong in my faith!!!  The reason I am even writing about this is because I am so stinking excited that I actually did what the Bible said to do and I was able to experience God moving in MY life!!!  I feel like I just graduated from 5th grade faith class to 6th grade!!!  Whoo hoo!!!  Finally!!!  I am so encouraged now to take every challenge this world throws at me and apply my faith to it.  This is what the Christian walk means to me, learning and hearing from God every day and growing at the pace God is pleased with.  Amazing how after 22 years of being a Christian, I still feel like a kid being taught by her Loving Father.  I guess that’s because in the spirit, I am continuously being taught and for that I am truly thankful!

Well, here’s me, signing out and not exactly looking forward to my next challenge, but ready to face it with a new measure of faith!!!

Wut Kinna Frend r U

1.  When you first start to get to know someone, do you give them a ‘blank slate’ to show you who they are?  Or have you already started figuring out in your mind who they are before you even get into a friendship?

2.  When someone says something about that person, do you give them a chance to disprove, or prove it?  Or do you take it as a “fact”?

3.  When you get into a disagreement with them for the first time, do you respect them because they stand for what they believe in?  Or do you get angry with them for being so “difficult”?

4.  When they are dressed and look amazing, do you feel proud to have that friend stand next to you?  Or are you jealous because they look better than you?

5.  When a guy you like starts showing interest in her instead of you, do you realize you are just hurt and try to accept it?  Or do you get angry and blame your friend for it?

6.  When you get into another fight, do you realize immediately start to think about how you are going to work this out with your friend?  Or do you start wondering if this friendship is ‘ever going to work out?’

7.  Once you’ve gotten to know a friend better and someone starts to talk about them negatively, do you stand up for them?  Or do you start agreeing with them and end up talking bad about your friend behind their back?

8. When something happens that hurts your feelings, do you talk to your friend in order to work it out and give them a chance to realize what they did?  Or do you hold it against them for later use in a fight?

9.  When you have a friend who considers you their ‘best friend’, but you know they are not yours, do you let them know that you Love them but you have others in your life?  Or do you keep them on a string and keep them ‘thinking’ they are your best friend too?

10.  When you have a friend that can drive but you are getting mad at them a lot, do you put the risk above the ride and talk about it, knowing it could blow up?  Or do you pretend all is ok because the car thing is ‘nice’ to have?

11.  When her ex-boyfriend, or someone your friend used to like ALOT, starts to show interest in you, and you really like him, do you ignore the feelings and let him know you are not interested?  Or do you ‘go for it’ because it’s nice to have a guy interested in you.

Answers these questions with gut-wrenching honesty, and you will know by the end of question 11 what kind of friend YOU are.